Expert IT Support Services in UK Nationwide

We are one of the leaders in providing IT Support services in UK. Our business packages ensure that we cater to the modern means of remote working as well as in office businesses. We offer 4 fixed packages with a different range of IT support services which makes us one of the preferred choices for IT Support in London.

Why work with us?

We are one of the leading IT Support Provider companies in London. Our fast, reliable IT Support in London has proved effective and efficient for remote and hybrid work environments. Tailored packages in offer suit your business needs. Choose from our three flexible business packages designed to support businesses of all types and sizes.
IT Support Services in UK

Flexible IT Support Packages We Offer

Ad- Hoc IT Support

Ad- Hoc IT Support

Specifically created to promptly and precisely address any system problems that arise and disrupt either a portion, the entirety, or the interdependent flow of your operations.

Prepaid IT Support

Prepaid IT Support

Ongoing support and priority support options to assist enterprises, whether they are ongoing processes or hourly requirements. Our dedicated team ensures a swift resolution, allowing for uninterrupted workflow.
Annual IT Support

Annual IT Support

Annual support model involves us taking responsibility for all your general system-related problems, such as fixing bugs, resolving process issues, and tackling other complications that might diminish your system's capabilities.

Trusted IT Support Company in London businesses and neighboring areas

As a distinguished Microsoft partner in UK we hold solution designations in Dynamics 365, Azure Cloud, and Analytics. Besides our IT support we also offer.

What makes us the go-to IT support partner for multiple businesses in the UK?

Business intelligence and data visualization to collect, analyze, and visualize data from a variety of sources. Power BI provides interactive data visualizations, dashboards, and reports, allowing organizations to gain insights into their data and make informed decisions. The service is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, making it easy for non-technical users to create, share, and collaborate on data insights.

How does our London IT Support Services experience benefit you?

Our consultancy team possesses specialized expertise in the Microsoft product stack, encompassing Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platforms and Azure.
Cost Effective Solutions

Cost Effective Solutions

24x7 Monday to Sunday Support

24x7 Monday to Sunday Support

Quick Turn Around Time

Quick Turn Around Time

Microsoft Product Stack Expertise

Microsoft Product Stack Expertise

Popular Questions

If you want to be start human resource business, our advisers will show you training tips. Do you need
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Yes, we provide Managed IT Support Services & we support all working models. From a hybrid, to a office, to an only head-office; all modes of work are supported by our team nationwide in the UK.

We have 3 different packages to offer which are bespoke and can be worked out against your support and business size requirements. The median cost for IT Support Services in London is £193 per day and some of our packages cost less.

We have multiple Microsoft accreditations to demonstrate our expertise and a certified Microsoft Solutions Partner

Quick turn-around time: We aim to answer support calls within a few minutes.
Customer service excellence: We are trusted and partner with our first clients even years after first working together.
Unlimited priority distance support: Call us anytime to speak directly with certified engineers.
Microsoft product stack specialists: Expertise across Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure.

Our teams are remotely working out of London (UK), New Delhi (India) and Sydney (Australia). We cover all these regions comprehensively and also serve some clients in the US and Canada. In addition, we provide Outsourced IT Support Services to some clients in the US and Canada.

12+ years of extensive experience

12+ years of extensive experience

in deploying Microsoft Business Applications
23+ successful case studies

23+ successful case studies

of scaling businesses to new heights
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    IT Support Service Is Essential To Stay Competitive And Ensure Smooth Operations.

    DTC understands the critical role that technology plays in today’s business landscape. Whether you are a large corporation or a small business, having reliable and efficient IT support service is essential to stay competitive and ensure smooth operations.

    We are a trusted IT support provider, offering flexible bespoke solutions to meet the unique needs  and operations of your business.

    Our managed IT support services in uk believe in converting a crisis into an opportunity for growth. If you have your business IT support services with us as outsourced IT support services, you have the benefit of our ‘Emergency Response Protocol’.

    This experience is a powerful reminder of the role empathy and swift action play in fostering a customer-centric culture, especially for the small business IT support services sector.

    DTC has several successful case studies as an IT support provider acknowledging our London IT Support team. 

    From Monday blues to even a late Friday evening distress call from clients facing significant disruptions; we actively manage under the ‘Emergency Response Protocol’ setup by our  managed IT support services.

    More than a technical hurdle, we look at this as an opportunity to support a client in distress. Our team ensures we make resolving your issue as our priority for your outsourced IT support services.

    Our Business IT Support Services are designed to empower enterprises with top-notch technical assistance and expertise.

    We know that every business has its own set of challenges, so our team of experienced professionals works closely with you to assess your IT infrastructure, identify potential areas for improvement, and implement effective strategies that align with your goals. From proactive monitoring and maintenance to rapid issue resolution, we are committed to keeping your systems running at peak performance.

    For our small business clients, we offer specialized Small Business IT Support Services that is bespoke to the specific requirements and budget constraints of the big players of tomorrow. We understand that small businesses often face resource limitations and crunch deadlines. That’s why we offer flexible support plans that ensure you get the necessary assistance without breaking the bank. With our dedicated team at your service, you can focus on growing your business while we take complete ownership of your technology needs.

    Our consultancy team also possesses specialized expertise in the Microsoft product stack, encompassing Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platforms and Azure.

    As a distinguished, award-winning London company, we specialize in providing top-tier cyber security and 24/7 IT support to diverse businesses across the United Kingdom. Strategically situated in Central London, we’re uniquely positioned to offer rapid response times and personalized attention to our clients. Our comprehensive services include expert management of Office 365, ensuring seamless integration into your modern workplace.

    Our expertise extends to custom software development, tailored to meet the specific needs of services companies seeking innovative solutions. Additionally, our managed service portfolio encompasses cutting-edge cloud consulting, equipping businesses with the tools needed for digital success.

    We’re more than just an IT provider; we’re a strategy consulting partner dedicated to aligning technology with your business goals. By choosing us, you’re ensuring that your company’s IT infrastructure is not only robust and secure but also strategically positioned for future growth and efficiency. Let us be the architects of your digital transformation, driving your business forward in an ever-evolving technological landscape.