Modernizing E-Invoicing

Modernizing E-Invoicing for OttoDist - A Mexico-based Distribution Company - Using Microsoft Business Central

Our client is one of the largest distributors in Mexico. The company has been dealing with more than 150+ branded hardware goods and has been working with 10+ global brands for more than 30 years. The company was established in 1985 and has worked with multiple globally established brands through the years.
  • Date: 2022
  • Client: OttoDist | Distribution
  • Category:
  • Address: Mexico

What We Did

The invoicing mandates changed in the country of Mexico recently which made every business switch to a localized invoicing mechanism, something new for most businesses in the region. Our client had tasked us to modernize the invoicing process to an electronic medium for the 30-year-old nationwide distribution business that could easily integrate with their ongoing operations.  

Our team was expected to work through the multiple variables that determine the success of the business, design the most suitable tech architecture, and smooth implementation, without hampering the daily operations of the business. Three key focus areas for the technology implementation were Productivity, Accuracy, and Speed.  After a series of consultations with all key stakeholders of the value chain, our team implemented Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central solution for the company that allowed the company to streamline its widespread operations significantly while providing great visibility.

Our Approach

Our client needed increased productivity in terms of TAT per consignment shipped and improvement in the accuracy of the financial operation while ensuring the electronic invoicing mandates. Our designed business solution for OttoDist ensured a significant reduction in the manual errors that lesser to-and-from among teams and a direct increase in TAT per consignment. With DTC’s new system, OttoDist was able to make more informed decisions at a faster rate due to real-time visibility into operations and business data. 

Furthermore, the streamlined system gave additional opportunities for the business to implement new technology initiatives across domains with better integrations.  

DTC’s solution also offered features that:

Improvement in accounts receivable visibility.
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